Çelen is a family group where the first company Çelen & Çelen Architectural Design Ltd., has been established by Mustafa S. Çelen in 1975. The design company elaborated services into the real estate development area and Çelen & Çelen Design Development executed many residential, educational, hospitality and commercial development projects as well as industrial complexes.

Güniz Çelen started her career in the construction industry as a project engineer and went up the carrier path in investment and development up to Executive Vice-President responsible for investments at Kiska Group, a very well known international construction driven holding group. She started to serve investors through the consultancy department of Çelen & Çelen from 1989 onwards, and the work was appreciated so highly that the service spun off into an independent valuation house and real estate development counseling practice in 1995. The company was initially called Çelen Appraisal Center and gained activity as a full valuation house for all tangible and intangible property rights as well as a highly sophisticated research based counseling company.

The company became very well-known for services in specific areas as infrastructure and industrial as well as income-producing investments as hotels and shopping centers and in parallel changed name to Çelen Corporate Property Valuation & Counseling Inc. which has been accepted to the list of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey and many other international institutions. The supreme quality and tailored services have been highly appreciated by the investment community as well.

Meeting the needs of holdings and large groups and being closer to financial markets; the context of services became much more sophisticated and Çelen Strategic Investment Solutions Ltd. Co. has been established in 2003, to serve the need for very specialized services as M&A advisory services for real estate investment companies; real property portfolio management, especially NPL portfolios; and debt re-structuring.

Today, Çelen Group with its incomparable know-how and experience in all infrastructure, industrial and superstructure investment categories, is successfully serving as a bridge between the real estate world and the financial markets.